I thought about doing an introduction to myself, but I feel like the same tired lines are going to come out:

Hi! Welcome to my site! I am a single female who lives with her cat. I teach secondary school and I really need to get my head together and loose some weight…

But I feel like I would be wasting time backtracking over ground that I already know. You know the story – grown woman has issues and encounters problems and hurdles in life and now wants to try and overcome them with the power of social media 🙂

Let’s talk about today instead. Right this moment.

Try to forget about what has come before, because there’s nothing that we can do to change it.

…Don’t give me that “but we can learn from the past!” I know that, you know that. But come on, people! If I try to cover every possible pathway or train of thought we’d be here all day. Let’s try to stick to some common sense.

I am overweight. Today the scales showed 95.6kg. I haven’t been this heavy for years! Somehow I managed to loose a stack of weight (25kg) about five years ago and keep it off for some time, but for whatever reason I have not been able to get that mindset back.

My brother has done an amazing job of loosing 10kg himself since the start of the year. Bastard. He’s currently full of good, useful advice at the moment. Don’t eat carbs, have healthy meals in the freezer, eat small means, drink lots of water, keep busy.

Like I don’t know this.


Step 1: Begin

Morning are always easy to start diets – have you noticed that? A good healthy breakfast and a bottle of water beside me. No craving so far. What was breakfast I hear you ask – cauliflower tots! The most amazing and delicious snack to have. Here is a recipe. I had four of them. Yum, yum. Still hungry? Get that bottle of water next to you and start drinking it. Gulp down half the bottle if you need to. That whole ‘if you have a water bottle next to you you’ll drink more water’ thing? That really works.

You hate water? Do it with a bit of cordial. Better less sugar than that stuff you’ve been drinking so far.

Step 2: Figure out when you are eating next.

That’s the problem when you’re fat and addicted to sugar. It’s always about your next meal. What can you have. What do you feel guilty about eating. What can you convince yourself to have? Food, food, food.

I love food.

It’s Sunday, and because it’s Sunday I slept in. Breakfast was a lazy 10am. I’ve found in the past that about 2.5 hours is a good time to put between meals. It’s not so long away that you’re going to die, and it’s soon enough that you won’t be starving and over-eat.

12:30pm. That’s when I can eat again.

Step 3: Keep busy. 

You know that list of things that need to be done. Do them. Keep doing them until it’s eating time again.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat.

Start by eating a healthy meal. Drink the water. Decide when you are next going to eat and keep busy.


Let’s see how long I last before I’m craving.


Signing off with good intentions but probably doomed to fail.