There is marking to be done in front of me, a huge list of things to be done and there are students sitting in front of me.

Oooo, a teacher not working!

I’m known for being a hard-working, effective, efficient person at work. But I also know what I’m like personally. One of the greatest procratinators on the planet. I’m sure there is a certificate somewhere.

Greatest Procrastinator of the…. ummm…. I’ll come back to this.

When I was little, PROCRASTINATION was the first big word I every learnt and over the years I have mastered the art of procrastination to become productive while I do it.

Let’s say, for example, you have an assignment to mark. But there are other things to be done! Read though emails and delete the useless ones, clean up my desk space and organise papers, make those phone calls to parents, write up that test that is a week away, look for little small tasks that I can knock over in a minute.

See? Lots to do.

And sure, it all needs to get done….

The other benefit is that, when it comes down to crunch time, and there is no more time at the final hour, you work more efficiently! Nothing like pressure to get things done.

I know exactly where I have learnt this too. Mum used to give my brothers and I chores to do around the house. Funnily enough, we were never bored and always managed to fill in our time. If there was a moment when it looked like we were bored mum would say “have you done X yet”. It’s wonderful what you can fill your time with when you need to!

That’s how I managed to keep to my 2.5 hours of non-eating yesterday (see the post) by productively procrastinating. There was work to do, and yet I managed to put the clothes away, clean the house, do the shopping, have a relaxing bath, catch up on Netflix and then do Geocaching (oh, there will have to be a post about Geocaching some day!)

So, yes. I have managed to keep a whole two days to my diet. Yay me!

Oh, and that class that is looking at me while I type importantly on my laptop? Not mine. This is an extra that I’m taking for another teacher while they are away sick. 🙂

Signing off in knowledge that things DO get done eventually.