How do you get past cravings.

For three days I have eaten well. I have kept to the 2.5hour guidelines. I have not had junk food and I have seen some weight come off. These should all be motivators, right?

All I can think of is eating some chips. Chips are my biggest weakness and I’m trying to justify why I can have them:

  • I’ve been good for three days – I should be able to have a break/reward.
  • If I wait until my next eating time then I should be able to say that I’m allowed to eat them.

I also know why I should not eat them:

  • eating sugar makes you want more sugar.
  • carbs are evil
  • eating bad food is not a reward for eating well, especially when you’re trying to loose the weight.

I am trying to focus on work, but it’s really not helping.

I’ve tried a hot chocolate – low sugar! – to trick my body into thinking I’ve had something. Nope, still want chips.

I’ve tried downing half a bottle of water to stem the cravings. But you know that hole in your stomach – the one that no matter how full from dinner you are you still have room for dessert? Yep, can’t fill that one up.

I’ve tried going outside and getting some fresh air.


You know what? I’m really going to get out and do some Geocaching! There is 1.5 hours until I can eat again and at the very least I can wait that out.

Signing off craving chips but trying to overcome 1st world problems.