Your mind will screw you over. The best way it does this is though small, sneaky ways and seemingly logical justification. You are evil, my brain, just evil. You are determined to stop me on this weight loss journey.

So, yes – I caved on Wednesday and ate a package of chips. I didn’t let it get me down though. Move on – regroup and start again. Good, healthy mindset. I was still on track.

That meant that on Thursday I did an outstanding job and did not touch one bit of food that I did not deliberately mean to. Go me!

Yay for healthy eating.

… you would think,

Friday arrived and I thought I was back on track. But that track was false and covered in enough potholes that all I needed was one step deep enough in one to throw me on the ground of junkfood.

That pothole’s name was Whole Staff Morning Tea.

I thought I had control. I didn’t go overboard… but it was enough that I didn’t want to eat for the rest of the day. But that was ok, since I had done so well yesterday. That night I had soup… and bread. Tasty, tasty carbs. But that was ok too since it had been hours since I ate at work. Surely it was ok.

Next pothole: Saturday. I went Geocaching and carefully packed a nice picnic to take with me. Very good.  I ate well with a smidge of sugar as a treat. I was doing the right thing.

I had also bought a package of Snickers Pods. Now, there was a serious reason for this. Once a month a group of friends and I get together for games night. We play all kinds of games and generally have a fantastic laugh – and of course you have to bring something to share! But two hours before Games Night begins they were calling to me. I had eaten so well on Thursday and then so well that day, surely a couple wouldn’t hurt.

A couple of handfuls later I was regretting my choice.

Once again determined to do well for myself, I threw the rest in a ziplock bag and took them to Games night with all the other junk food. All the other junk food that I then ate. I ate because it was there, and sure when you have good company you should be able to eat the food as well.

There was a point that night I knew I had gone too far. With so much chocolate in my system I felt physically ill and curled up on the coach and put my head on the soft and squishy arm chair.

Pothole number 3: The rise and fall of logic AKA Sunday. Sunday I was involved in a training exercise, a road crash rescue simulation in which I was playing casualty. Getting up an hour before I was supposed to be at the venue I convinced myself that MacDonald’s breakfast was an obvious choice to grab a quick, warm meal. An Aussie breakfast roll, a hash brown, an orange juice and skinny cap later I was set. Lunch was then a BBQ in which I couldn’t go past the sausages in bread with sauce. Having firmly determined that I had shot everything to hell I then ate a package of chips and fruit tingles that afternoon.

All from that cave in on Wednesday. Like a snowflake on the mountain, it had all turned into a snowball of doom.


Mondays are a great day for starting healthy eating aren’t they?